Saying that I am an animal person barely scratches the surface of my love for those four-legged creatures that walk into our lives for a number of years, and weave their way into our hearts for a lifetime.

I grew up in Maryland in a home filled with pets. I was 14 years old when I got my first horse, name. Name led me into a new world of countless learning experiences and career opportunities. Nearly every job I’ve had in my life has revolved around horses, from galloping and working as a producer at a horse racing television network, to saddle-fitting and selling popular lines of equestrian products for some of the most well-known brands in the industry.





I have followed the thoroughbreds to Florida in the winter, and back to Maryland in the spring. My love of horses brought me to Saratoga Springs, New York, and guided me west to California.

When I discovered equestrian photographer Katey Barrett’s work at Santa Anita Park, I was blown away as much by the beauty of the horses she immortalized, as her ability to expertly harness light in photographs. I parlayed that inspiration into a photography career of my own.

Nothing is more electric and exciting than the atmosphere at the industry’s biggest events, such as race days and the World Equestrian Games. I have an appreciation for the top tiers of the sport because I know what it takes to get there. Those animals are incredible, and it is an honor to photograph them at their best.

I have found that horse lovers tend to be dog lovers as well, and it is equally rewarding to photograph beloved family pets.

When I’m not working…
I own an ex-racehorse and I enjoy participating in three-day eventing. I own two rescue dogs who love hiking and going to the barn with me. One of my favorite pastimes is sitting in my garden.






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