Hello, I'm tina.

Photographer // horse FANATIC // Adventurer

About Me

To say I am a horse fanatic is putting it simple. I have been obsessed with the Equine for as long as I can remember. I always giggled inside when people would say, " You will grow out of it." In case you are wondering, it still has not happened.


My second passion was art and that eventually led me to photography. I feel extremely grateful that I can combine the two.


It is so incredibly rewarding to capture the beauty inside an individual or a moment that will last a lifetime. You are beautiful. I can prove it to.

"Your ability to see beauty and possibility is
proportionate to the level at which you embrace gratitude."

Know the facts

01 - I love dogs. Like....A LOT.

02 - I own a guitar. Slowly learning how to play.

03 - Photography is just one of my artistic passions. I also love to draw. I love going to art museums.

04 - I'm a three day eventer and I am constantly amazed at what these animals do for us.

05 - I'm originally from Maryland and yes I love steamed crabs.

06 - I love to eat and can appreciate good wine or a quality cup of coffee.

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San Diego based photographer