Snow Days In San Diego

If you are currently living in California you are probably sick of hearing, “We need the rain”.

I came to California to escape the cold east coast winter and thought for sure I would be returning in the spring. Six months turned into an extra season which turned into permanently moving my life here. By the way, that was in 1998.

Did it get chilly in the winter, yes, but not the bone chilling cold of the east. If you are from a state with cold weather you know what it is like to have that tingling sensation in in your and face as you warm up in a hot shower or bath.

I recently moved to Julian. The house I live in is 5,000 feet above sea level and is known to have a little snow here and there. Well this year was exceptional. The deluge of rain this winter equaled two foot of snow for us on the mountain. It was a winter wonderland to say the least. We were literally snowed in for four days. It gave me some great photo ops.

I wanted to share these with you. I still can’t believe I live in San Diego…




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